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We're a team of seasoned business leaders and advisors having transformed over 200 companies. We help realise both personal and business ambitions by achieving better performance attaining sustainable growth or crafting the perfect exit strategy. Working exclusively with marketing and technology firms allows us to fast-track growth and performance in your sector.

Who we've worked with


We work as board advisors, supporting you with the right advice, insights and tools, to scale your business. The majority of our clients are either looking to build value towards a shareholder event or build long-term sustainable growth.


We’ve solved performance issues in some of the most complex and dynamic environments. Our experience helps us get to the root cause quickly and efficiently. Common problem areas include strategy, operations, talent & leadership, sales & marketing, and business propositions.

Leadership & team success

How well you lead and the strength of the team around you are instrumental in reaching your potential. We work with CEOs to make them better leaders and with their leadership teams to unlock growth and better results.


We’ve helped many businesses prepare for and achieve an exit, whether that be a tradesale, financial investment, MBO or EOT. Our team are here to provide impartial and agnostic advice on the right path for you. We also help clients accelerate their growth through acquisition, from defining strategy to finding the right match. We support you at every step of the process.

"The team have been instrumental in setting our new strategy and creating a sustainable plan for growth. Highly recommended!"

George Wiscombe

Founder, Maido
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