An in-depth business review focused on those agencies that have aspirations to sell within the next 1-3 years.  

This qualitative and quantitative review identifies 30 value drivers that an agency needs to work on in the years before exit to help maximise their value. Our benchmarking tool, the Market Ready Index™ is a tried and tested methodology, developed from working in M&A with more than 60 agencies in the last 5 years - we understand what drives an acquirer's interest and improves value.
We provide you with clear recommendations and actions to improve the premium factors and mitigate the discounting ones. Following the report, we're also on hand to help implement the recommendations if you so wish.


The benefits to the business are as follows:

  • Identifies the value drivers in your business
  • Decreases your time to get to market in good shape
  • Increases the buyer landscape and the interest from an acquirer
  • Provides a robust framework and action plan to implement the changes needed to succeed


Our approach would centre on questionnaires and stakeholder interviews, supported by detailed analysis of the management and financial information, market and buyer intelligence.

Our review will cover the following areas:

  • Stakeholder interviews – Understanding the capabilities and operations of the business, its ambition, strategy and USPs. Client interviews - gaining insights on your business from discussion with your client group, taking the form of a client review. We expect 5-6 clients from different service mixes, size and tenure; 2 client contacts within each client, again at different levels and exposure.
  • Positioning and offer – Review of your business model and how this compares to your competition
  • Business performance – A detailed financial review to help establish where and how you make your profit and any issues. We would also benchmark your performance against your competitors
  • Market context – Review current market and sector intelligence to understand the context that the business operates in and where the value is

Milestone are strong strategic thinkers with a bright, sharp minds who can help make a significant contribution to your business’ evolution
— Nick Pearce, Co-founder and Strategy Director, JPC

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