We believe our background in running and turning around leading agencies, and our many years as business consultants to the marketing, media and technology sectors, puts us in a unique position to be able to improve your operations and margins.

As experienced external consultants, we're able to investigate and find the root causes of under-performance, weak margins and poor growth. This allows us to identify areas where performance can be improved by applying our years of knowledge and best practice. We've been lucky enough to see the inner workings of many businesses so we know what works and doesn't work. There's no 'one size fits all' however; every business is different and needs a different, tailored result.
We give impartial, honest and direct recommendations and we pride ourselves on our ability to cut through the confusion to get the right outcome. Our action-orientated approach will get you back on the right track so you can build the business on a solid operational foundation.


The benefits to the business are as follows:

  • Key recommendations for all aspects of your business: finance, project management, client services, leadership, services, structure and delivery

  • A solid operational foundation providing scalability for growth

  • Clear recommendations on how you can improve
  • Uses real industry insights to give real, actionable change

  • Profit as a plan rather than a consequence


Our proposal and recommendations would cover the following areas:

Stage 1

  • Financials – detailed analysis of the management accounts and financial information

  • Interviews – stakeholder interviews based on detailed questionnaires

  • Business model – review of your business model and how this compares to your competition.

  • Operational – conduct an operational audit allowing us to identify areas where performance/efficiency can be improved by applying best practice. Also look at cultural aspects such as  how the business  treats utilisation rates and overtime/non-billable time

  •  Client – interviews with 3-4 key clients from across the business to develop further insights into how to improve operations and drive efficiency

Stage 2

  • Having reviewed the areas above we would provide you with a detailed report that includes insights and recommendations for improvements. We would present this back to you and have a working session to discuss

Milestone are strong strategic thinkers with a bright, sharp minds who can help make a significant contribution to your business’ evolution
— Nick Pearce, Co-founder and Strategy Director, JPC

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